Monday, November 19, 2007

Champagne Day

The new networking site is up and running and I just sent out the first batch of invitations. I wonder who will get there first?

I feel as nervous as though I were throwing a party. But the good thing about this party is that I can sit here in comfort, in my old sweatpants and ny favourite slippers.
And there won't be any dishes to wash afterwards, either.
What's not to love about that?


Changes in the wind said...

I would like to be included:)

Elderwoman said...

Anyone who isn't already on my mailing list can ask for an invitation via my website. Go to and proceed from there.
The site is going well, with ten people signed up in the first few hours. This is great.

Changes in the wind said...

Can't access your site.

Anonymous said...

And isn't the party going ever so well?
You've put together a great site, Marian! I'm really enjoying it. you're the THIRD blog this morning that I have to either have a Google or Blogger acct. to leave a comment. This makes me unhappy. I don't want either of those accounts. What in the world happened with Blogger? Something changed and I can only leave Anonymous comments....that's not right!