Sunday, December 10, 2006

I've had some nice comments about the new look of the Elderwoman website, so I'm pleased about that.
Lately, I have been preoccupied with fiction-writing. My short-story collection is now available, if anyone is interested in reading it. It is called Apricot Harvest (after the title of the lead story) and you'll find the link to it on the 'other books by Marian' page of the website.
I recently finished my first, full-length novel and right now I am in search of a publisher for it. Needless to say, the main character is a woman of mature age, for I think we women of 50+ are the most interesting sort of people in existence.
Next task on my list - the December newsletter. I hope to have that ready very soon. Stay tuned ...

Monday, November 13, 2006

I have just spent three days completely updating the 'Elderwoman' website. What a huge task! I have enjoyed it though. I'll be uploading all the new files this afternoon - I hope!
It is amazing to look back and think that I hadn't even touched a computer until 1989 and to tell the truth I was a bit terrified of them. But one day I confessed that to a man sitting next to me at a meeting, and he said "Oh don't worry. It's just a fancy typewriter."
Somehow, that made it a lot less scary. Funny, isn't it, how sometimes a person will say just the right words!
So my partner, Sky, (who at that time worked in the IT industry) invited me to come into his office on the weekend and started to de-mystify computers for me. That was the beginning. Since then, I have never looked back.
After we both retired, Sky was relieved not to have to think about computers any more whereas I had launched myself a new journey of discovery. So nowadays, I am the one who shows him how to do things on his computer. How times have changed!
Mind you, I couldn't do any of this without him. For he is the one who reminds me to get up, stretch, take a break and be kind to these aging, 70-year-old bones...