Thursday, November 09, 2023

Third Time Lucky?

 It seems that we are somehow not meant to be part of the elders cohousing community we have so long dreamed of establishing. The Barney Fields venture that I was so excited about in my last blog post has now gone the same way as the previous one -- the developer has decided that it is not financially viable. 

This is another huge disappointment for us - in fact it's an even bigger disappointment than the loss of the Dartington site because this one was to be right here in the village we have lived in, and loved, for the past 24 years. I confess it is taking me a very long while to get over this blow.

Once again, the group has re-formed, with some of the previous members and a whole bunch of new ones, and is starting the whole process again, from scratch, i.e. searching for a suitable site for an elders cohousing community somewhere in the Southwest. 

The group is now calling itself 'Elderberries Cohousing' and is actively seeking new members - for details click here.

Sadly, for Sky and me personally, it is now too late. When we started the whole elders cohousing project I was 79, which may already have been a tad too old for such a venture. But I was young-at-heart and full of energy and enthusiasm. Now, not so much, And now I am 87. Realistically, even if this new project were to be wildly successful I would probably be at least 90 by the time we moved in and at that age I would feel myself to be a liability to the group rather than an asset. Sky is a few years younger than me but he is starting to experience some degree of cognitive decline.

However, despite the fact that we can no longer be part of the elders cohousing dream, if the 'Elderberries' manage to succeed in their venture, none of our hard work will have been in vain. Even if I can no longer be a part of it, I can still see the wole thing as a potential case of 'third time lucky'.

As for me, I am not without projects altogether. Starting next week I have vowed to post much more regularly to this blog. And since part of my life's work, ever since my first book was published in 1991, has been to write about ageing, I intend to start where my 2017 book 'Elderwoman' left off and chronicle the experience of being what is now referred to as 'OLD old'! 

I hope you will stay tuned.