Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vote for Me and Help a Frog

The wonderful thing about winter and these long, dark evenings is that there seems to be more time for writing.

I have been very busy, lately, working on the new book about green spirituality that I shall no doubt be doing a lot of blogging about in the coming months.

Meanwhile, however, I have six articles entered in the Ooffoo Laureate competition. And I would be SO happy if you voted for one of them. The titles are:

Digging for Victory - Again

The Yin and the Yang of it

Turning Green: The Rise of the ‘Cultural Creatives’

Micro-Yoga for the Busy Woman

Simple Blessings

Healing the Split

Here’s where you go to read the articles and vote.

Thank you, in advance. And if I win the prize, I'll donate part of the prize money to Amphibian Ark, the cause to which a third of my royalties from The Lilypad List are alreadypledged. (It is about saving frogs from extinction).


Nik said...

Oooh, look forward to reading those articles later on this evening! Finished the Lilypad List the other night, loved it and totally my kind of simple living book. Have just been looking further into synchronicity as I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction and related and note that these come from a similar place. Your book on green spirituality sounds interesting and look forward to reading some blog posts about it.

PEACE said...

On my way to go read! I loved the Lilypad List and have shared with several friends. Good Luck!