Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spirit of Green

The other little corner of cyberspace that I paid a visit to this week was a lively, green site called 'Earth Pages'. Here, I talked about the experience of the astronauts who are the only ones fortunate enough actually to see, with their physical eyes, the planet we live on, in all its glorious roundness and wholeness. The rest of us, although we have seen photographs, will never have that opportunity. But we can still imagine it and feel an upwelling of love and caring for our lovely Earth.

My post on Earth Pages is entitled Getting Into the Spirit of Green. To read it, please come and visit me over there.


One Woman's Journey said...

Marian, a quick note. I was without a computer for weeks and now relearning this HP. Catching up on reading all of your wonderful information.
Just to let you know - How much I admire you and enjoy reading all you share.
You are an inspiration to this One Woman.

Elderwoman said...

Bless you, Ernestine!

nothingprofound said...

Earth is a magnificent place, isn't it? I doubt there's another like it in the whole universe.